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coming from fine arts, I feel very comfortable in strategies, that I have used during past creative processes: questioning meanings and relationships, searching. it happens to be a most freeing place, where things & materials might meet, agree, disagree, extend
I have recently been doing the vinyl-artwork for BassDrumPeople by Wolfgang Zwiauer and Fabian Bürgi.
They asked me to continue working with them. That is what I do now
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Starting to work on the collapse with Luca Lombardi two years ago, I have still not come to an end. there is a lot to think about "How we build collapses"
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further you will find a collection of works, that have been exhibited or showed in some ways. if you click on the picture you will be moved on to the details of the project.
Bass Drum People Wolfgang Zwiauer Fabian Bürgi Foto Rob Lewis
kollaps 8.gif
Lara Wedekind, in the beginning was the drawing
Noel Schmidlin, Leck
2018, Musicvideo for

Noel Schmidlin - composition, violin,

Adrian Städeli - french horn

Jérémy Lenoir - piano, midi-keyboard

recoring & mixing - Beat Müller

Purity, Mirjam Hässig

Musicvideo (1080x1920)

with Jela Ali

Mirjam Hässig - voc&synth

Michael Cina - drums

The Crucible, David Friedli

Musicvideo (1080x1920)

music: Forlorn Elm

David Friedli - guitar & composition

Fabian Kraus - bass

Luca Weber - drums

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