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Correlation given_open sheet, 2017

3-channel videoinstallation.

1920x1080, 37.7 min audio: stereo
projection on wood.
bass: Wolfgang Zwiauer

banjo: Silvio Beltrametti
drums: Rico Baumann
camera: Fabian Werren, Cécile Jund, Oliver Rickli, Ahmad Alizada, Lara Wedekind

additional images: Claus Wedekind, Lara Wedekind
sound: Jérémy Lenoir, Andreas Muggli, Michael Gsteiger, Lara Wedekind
support sound: Christof Steinmann
support concept: Christof Steinmann, Hans-Peter Kistler, Karin Fromherz

tech. support: Gabriel Studerus, Janos Käch
direction & editing : Lara Wedekind


Correlation given_open sheet explores the interaction between the human being and its organic and anorganic environment, within an artistic output. An encounter is beeing arrangend: A bass-player meets a horse, a banjo-player meets the splatter of a wild river and a drummer is adressing a tree.

The concept of the work wants to explore what it means to listen, what it means to encounter. What happens with the human being within its musical improvisation and is there anything happening with the living opposite? Can a contact be build within this encounter throughout the artistic response? And if yes, is the contact, that is build perceptible in the musical improvisation?

On a media level Correlation Given_Open sheet explores the relationship between music, sound and moving image and its meanings within the dramatic composition.

The viewer can immerse into a play with subjectial translations, and objectional, more documentary observations.  We can observe the oberservers in their interactios and be part of an encounter.


Messehalle, Luzern, 2017

Musée d`art Pasquart, Biel/Bienne 2020/21 20


Corrleation given_open sheet, 2017splitscreen-Version

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