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-  studying Master in Music, Composition & Theory, Sound Design, Zürich, Switzerland,  2022- today

- scholarship Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation, 2022

- artist residency Argo Vals, Pölva Estonia, 2022

- Pro Helvetia grant; studio exchange with Karin Fromherz, 2021/2022

- artist residency Argo Vals, Pölva, Estonia, 2021

- Group- exhibition at Cantonale Bern Jura, Pasquart Biel/ Bienne, CH: Correlation given_Open   sheet, 3-channel video, 2020/2021

- corso estivi Accademia Teatro Dimitri, physical theater, 2020

- assistant directior short GAZE; Tillo Spreng und Etienne Kompis; Letterbox Collective, 2020

- working in field of pedagogy of play and children`s free play in public sphere at DOK, Bern 2018- 2022

- corso estivi Accademia Teatro Dimitri, 2018

- freelance for Swiss Film Network , 2018

- Performance WEDEKINDWOLF, KaffeKairo, Bern CH, 2018

- assistant line-producer US- feature MAN WITH THE SILVER CASE,  Beni Lehmann, 2018

- bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts, University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Lucerne 2017

and BA- exhibition, Lucerne Switzerland: Correlation given_Open sheet, 3- channel video

- Performance with MECHANIC/VOICE. ZeughausKultur, Brig, CH, 2017

- Performance with MECHANIC/VOICE, Viscose-stadt, Lucerne CH, 2016

- Theater Lucerne, live- cut & camera assistant for "Rigoletto", Bert Zander, 2016

- Born 1993, Switzerland

since 2013  performing music with other musicians and Rowan , Ruby,  MECHANIC/VOICE, One Toe in the Whiskey, ..

since 2013 working for piano e forte,

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