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Lara Wedekind, born in Bern (CH), 1993, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts, Lucerne (CH), in 2017.

Main artistic interests are the image & sound and the relationship between sound and the moving image, space, storytelling and the encounter with other artistic fields. She is currently doing her Masters in Music in Sound Design, Composition & Theory at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Zürich (CH). Living  and working as an artist, musician and sound designer everywhere but mainly in and around Bern & Zürich.

- Performance with BASSDRUMPEOPLE, Progr Bern, 2023

- Research grant for HOW WE BUILD COLLAPSES, city of Berne, 2023

- Kunst am Bau screening on Museum of history ME AND YOUR BIRDS, Video loop, Museumsnacht Bern, 2023

- scholarship Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation, 2022

- artist residency Argo Vals, Pölva Estonia, 2022

- Pro Helvetia grant for studio exchange with Karin Fromherz, 2021/2022

- artist residency Argo Vals, Pölva, Estonia, 2021

- Group- exhibition at Cantonale Bern Jura, Pasquart Biel/ Bienne, CH: CORRELATION GIVEN OPEN SHEET 3-channel video, 2020/2021

- corso estivi Accademia Teatro Dimitri, physical theater, 2018 & 2020

- Performance WEDEKINDWOLF, KaffeKairo, Bern CH, 2018

- Lucerne Switzerland: CORRELATION GIVEN OPEN SHEET , 3- channel video

- Performance with MECHANIC/VOICE. ZeughausKultur, Brig, CH, 2017

- Performance with MECHANIC/VOICE, Viscose-stadt, Lucerne CH, 2016

- assistant directior short GAZE; Tillo Spreng und Etienne Kompis; Letterbox Collective, 2020

- working in field of pedagogy of play and children`s free play in public sphere at DOK, Bern 2018- 2022

- assistant line-producer US- feature MAN WITH THE SILVER CASE,  Beni Lehmann, 2018

- Theater Lucerne, live- cut & camera assistant for "Rigoletto", Bert Zander, 2016


since 2013 working for PIANOEFORTE

commissions and works for:

Kuizip acoustic jazz trio

Theaterabteilung der Zürcher Hochschule der Künste

"Crush" von Benjamin Burger, Dimitri Stapfer und Mona De Veerdt

Bass Drum People

Studio 75

The Pepper`s Swingers

Tamas Szekely  in Communications Biology, Schacht et al., 2022

Wolfgang Zwiauer & THE ZOO Studio Bern

Akademie der Naturwissenschaften


Dachverband für offene Arbeit mit Kinder in der Stadt Bern

Claus Wedekind

Noel Schmidlin

Fachschaft Biologie, Universität Bern

Openair am Bielersee

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