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Ein Märchen in Drei Akten, 2016

video 3840 X 2160,  15min

with Jela Ali, Cécile Jund, Michèle flury
camera: Cécile Jund, Michèle Flury
editing: Cécile Jund, Michèle Flury
sound, sounddesign: Lara Wedekind
concept, direction: Cécile Jund, Michèle Flury, Lara Wedekind

Ein Märchen in Drei Akten is a videowork over the freudsch theory of the Ich, Es, Überich. The three entities are being segmended allegorically in three acts.

The emotional mechanism, that freund means to happen in the what he calls subconsciousness are pacted in to methaphors and told through a fictonal fairytale. The images tell the story in a surreal, suggestive and sometimes contradictorial way.

Cécile Jund:

Michèle Flury:

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