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3-channel video, 1920x1080 mute
with Jela Ali
camera: Irma Müller

direction & editing: Lara Wedekind

HIER BIN ICH examines the building of identity through the physical body and its borders. Every body experiences renitency in its bodyness being. Only through this renitency, witch also defines the body`s borders in difference to others can a re- sponsive being/ individual build a relationship with its organic and anorganic environment.

I suggest that this relationship happens in the gap between the passive or active responsive bodies.

The individual its self therefore grows in that gap and in its closeness or the distance to the borders of other bodies or its own body.

The written language (as a sign) has always a referencing task. The language or the letters do not stand for them selves.

This video tries to research how the language can be given an autonomy through a body, within its reference. How does that autonomy interact with a responsive human individual?

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