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Dej Eglite 2021/2016

video 1920 x 1080, 20.5 min
with Jela Ali

camera: Viola Clematide, Lara Wedekind

voice and text: Jela Ali

sound, costume, edit: Lara Wedekind

concept and direction: Lara Wedekind

thanks to Dunja Künzi

The videowork Dej Eglite is inspired by the same named latvian folksong and means : "Dance like a spruce".

The vidework follows the emotional process of a young woman that is dressed in traditional nordical clothes, but seems replaced in a modern, cold and abandoned environment.

She seems to go through a process of inner opening up to whats happening around her. She is looking for her position in the realtionship between origin, beloning, tradition and modernity.


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