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playing music live is a thing!
building the moving body of a sound within -
most always a moment of social interaction.
I know no comparison to that.

we are currently working on an album with Rowan
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as followed you will find a collection of musical projects over the last ten years. for details and concert infos please view the links.
Lara Wedekind Vincent Millioud Valentin von Fischer Cyprien Rochat
Rowan, a folk quartet with Cyprien Rochat, Valentin von Fischer & Vincent Millioud
Lara Wedekind Vincent Millioud
Robin, single release. Voc, guitar & comp; Lara Wedekind
violin: Vincent Millioud
MECHANIC/VOICE, Viola Clematide, Lara Wedekind
MECHANIC/VOICE; live-sound-noise-duo with Viola Clematide
Johannes Beck Lara Wedekind Jonas Simonis Marcel Zimmermann Silvio Beltrametti
RUBY; Bluegrassband with Jonas Simonis, Johannes Beck, Marcel Zimmermann & Silvio Beltrametti.
Noel Schmidlin Lara Wedekind Kilian Künzi
One Toe in the Whiskey, EP with Noel Schmidlin & Kilian Künzi

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