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Whenever I can, I work in cooperation with other people.

It`s interesting and can be flourishing and enriching for the project or the question.

The question defines the material

I like to define visual translation,

work on creative concepts or impart my knowledge.

The results can span from video, illustrations, projections, cross-media artistic translation or concepts and ideas.

For illustrations and drawings click here

photo  by Cécile Jund

I work(ed) with

Cécile Jund, photographer

Fabian Werren, cinematographer

Ahmad Alizada, cinematographer

Nicolas Wolf, musician

Noel Schmidlin, musician

Viola Clematide, artist

Wolfgang Zwiauer, musician

Rico Baumann, musician

Silvio Beltrametti, musician

Matthias Stübi, Stubio Sounds

I `ve been creative for:

drawing for wolfgang Zwiauer & The Zoo Studio

drawings & workshop for DOK,

musicvideo, concept and teaser for LILY

illustration for Agroscope

illustrations for Claus Wedekind

presentation & performance for Visarte, Schweiz

musicvideo for Lagom

musicvideo for Forlorn Elm

grafics for Fachschaft Biologie der Universität Bern

performance for Zeughaus Kultur, Brig

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