On this page the current process of the project Fall is transmitted.
start November, 2021 to...


Reflection on the following sequences.

Indoor sequences:

high contrast, experimental arrangement.

aesthetic/aspects of a roly-poly doll:
how many intervalls are there, how many can there be?

aspect of an experimental arrangement:
the strong mimik of Luca breaks the feeling of a crash-test-dummie again- we see a human.
Nevertheless: The human protagonist is a representative, what if it is real? If the humanbeing is a  a "representative" a "proband". The aesthetic as one of an experimental arrangement.

Then also the moments of the fallings, sometimes seem like a fish going under water. The river as a vessel of transmission (symbol of going from one living state to another).

Outdoor sequences (Interesting part-> for a production!)

question of the perspektive/image
is he falling towards me, is he falling away from me.
Who are we (the watchers), the subjective, shaky camera suggest, that he is not so much alone, that someone is with him. How is it, when the camera is very steril, distinct, anonymous, maybe in distance shot..

question of the costume
Is he a gangster or a banker? If banker it is stylized and theatric, and not so much realistic. For bankers today not only wear black-white suit. Are there any props, papers, suitcase? Where is he going, where is he coming from?

question of the setting:
What time is it?
What is the architectual setting of the outdoor situation? Can architecture be a counterpoint to the protagonist(s)? (Roy Anderson movies).
How does masses merge with individual or architecture...

- is he also wearing a camera?


the jumps as a contrast element of the fallings.
the costume suggest some sort of wings or jellyfish..

Is he flying after the fall? Is he flying before the fall?

The jumps can be more constructed. Image from above?


Indoor sequences:

four stages of falling: (1 shock, 2 fall, 3 bounce, 4 still)

a first editing on all the material with collapses and falls. jan.2022

four stages of falling one screen; 1920x1080 , 10:33, no sound


four stages of falling, multichannel; 1920x1080 , 10:33, no sound

Outdoor sequences:


filmed performance of falling in the streets; 1 rushhoursituation trainstation Bern, 1 in an architectual setting.


moments before and after the jump



Kimsooja: A needle Woman, 1999

Karin Fromherz; the big picture, 2020

the big picture.jpeg

un-known artist, who is drawing his own silhouette, while falling, again and again on the wall

unfortunatly I couldn`t find the work yet...

a pixilation fall.


Compilation of "Fall" in Film and theatre.

Most of the "falling" moments have a "reason". Meaning; there is a force/ power/ impulse coming from somewhere, that causes the movement in a certain direction.

preparation for shooting the falling for "stop-motion" technique or pixilation. 16.11.2021. Unfortunatly we didn`t receive.

Background research, why "Fall"

"Fall", today & 2018.

I worked on falling by myself in 2018.

This is an excerpt of this work.

A shock, an interruption holds you from what you actually wanting to do.

So the picture transforms from need for saftey to an image, where the rush, the time, the solo or group-movement comes to a halt or is beeing irrupted by the falling (the movement psychologically spoken is interrupted through shock).

Falling as equal to failing? Or Falling here as a positive irruption of the speed... falling as bringing change into the common movement? What about speed falling...?


What feeling goes before what kind of falling? What feeling comes after what kind of falling.

And then but also the aesthetic of the movement in itself. How do you build the movement, how do we build the movement in the image... what are the aestethic qualities of falling:

can it come from a more brutal, dying falling to a falling/dying in a more beautiful, transformative sensce?


Prep Room/ Lara;

- Teppich, Linolteppich - Transport

- Backpapier für Röhrenlichter

- schwarzes Tuch- just in case

- Holztafeln machen

- Papier für die Schläuche

- Loch Bohren

Equipment Lara

- stativ

- Kamera

- Backpapier

- Zoom für O.T

- doku-kamera


Prep Room/ Lara;

- Licht testen

Equipment Luca

- black/ dark clothes ( & warm, because its a bit cold in the room ;)

- maybe other costume, when you feel like..

- maybe protection clothes for knees & hands, if you have.