Preparation shooting, Fall

For the shooting days: 16 & 17.11.2021

Hi Luca, here you find all my preparations for the two shooting days coming.

I`d like to work on both days on the project: FALL, if you feel you have enough energy to fall.

Day 1: 16.11.2021

We could work indoor on different aspects of "falling" (view the pictures of the room below)

Day 2: 17.11.2021

If the weather is good enough, I would like to film your "fallings" on the outside, eventually even in a social surrounding (trainstation/rushhour- situation) in a rather doucmentarial aesthetic.

Please feel free to bring in your ideas, issues

On this page you find:

- a collection of "falling" in Film, Theater, sport.

It contains different ways of falling but also the staging of "falling" in film; meaning the scenes and cuts before and after the "falling".

- an excerpt of my work "fall", that I tested a view years ago

- storyboard of how I`d like to stage your "fallings",


In this compilation most of the "falling" moments have a "reason". Meaning; there is a force/ power/ impulse coming from somewhere, that causes the movement in a certain direction. (Especially in the shooting sequences)

"Fall", 2018.

I worked on falling by myself in 2018.

This is an excerpt of this work.

The reason for the working on "falling" are panic-attacks that I start having from 2017- 2019. Because the attacks occured in all kinds of situations (in traffic, on the trainstation, in the shop..) it helped me to imagine myself, that in worst case, I could just fall down. Having the contact to the ground, meaning savety. (In the panic- attacks you have a mortal-feeling, that is irrational)

Being in a constant tention, sometime exploding in a panic-attack, you are held from what you actually wanting to do. Leading a more or less "fearless every day Life". But still you are keeping on going...


The social-cirical perspective:

So the picture transforms from in the beginning more personal need for saftey

to an image, where the rush, the time, the solo or group-movement comes to a halt or is beeing irrupted by the falling (the movement psychologically spoken in my personal case is irrupted by the panic). So a social-critical perspektive.

Falling in as social equal to failing. But Falling here as a positive irruption of the speed-movement, that we are in... bringing change into the common movement? (Or speed falling...which is really crazy then..)


What leads to the questions; What feeling goes before what kind of falling? What feeling comes after what kind of falling.

And then but also the aesthetic of the movement in itself. How do you build the movement, how do we build the movement in the image...

For the shooting day 1; 16.11.2021



Prep Room/ Lara;

- Teppich, Linolteppich - Transport

- Backpapier für Röhrenlichter

- schwarzes Tuch- just in case

- Holztafeln machen

- Papier für die Schläuche

- Loch Bohren

Prep Room/ Lara;

- Licht testen

- Gimbal auschecken

- Kamera Apps installieren

Equipment Lara

- stativ

- Kamera

- Backpapier

- Zoom für O.T

- doku-kamera


Equipment Luca

- black/ dark clothes ( & warm, because its a bit cold in the room ;)

- maybe other costume, when you feel like..

- maybe protection clothes for knees & hands, if you have.

Frames/ Einstellungen & Scetches

Day 2: 17.11.2021